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Thank you for clicking through from Twitter

Photo of Tim Leighton-BoyceIf you’ve clicked through from my Twitter profile I guess you’ve probably seen some of my Tweets and found them interesting enough to check me out. So first: thank you.

I use Twitter mostly to share things which I’ve found relevant to my work in optimising ecommerce web site. A lot of that involves re-tweeting, but I only RT things which I’ve actually read. So there’s a degree of curating going on, but it also means that I sometimes go quiet when my work gets a bit too hectic.

I also write (much!) longer pieces here on my blog. But very rarely.

I concentrate on ecommerce, because that’s where my background and most of my experience is. I write a lot about Google Analytics because that’s something I specialise in. But the reality is that I’m much more interested in improving people’s experience on web sites than in crunching numbers. That’s why I’m so fond of voice of customer feedback and surveys and usability tests.

If you’d like to know more about why I do what I do, here’s the main “about me” page.

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