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Two Clear Action Guides For Facebook

by Tim Leighton-Boyce

screenshot: short ecommerce tips from the CxFocus Facebook PageDo you feel there’s too much fuss and noise about Facebook? Sometimes it’s very hard to spot the practical information for retailers amongst all that hype.

Here are two very useful items which I pointed out on the CxFocus Facebook Page. One is about what you should do on Facebook and the other is about what you can do off Facebook.

The first one does a great job of explaining why you need to do a bit more than just posting announcements on your page.

The reason why ‘engagement’ is more than just a marketing buzzword is because if people don’t interact with your page then Facebook will bury the content instead of spreading it. This means the ‘get new customers’ promise of Facebook depends on engagement. Miss that point and you’re wasting your time.

The second item contains a useful selection of examples of how retailers are using Facebook in interesting ways ‘off’ Facebook, on their own sites.

If you’d like more of these tips, please ‘Like’ my Facebook page. I normally add one of these items each working day and then summarise them here a week later.

Essential explanation of exactly why you need to engage on Facebook, not just post announcements to customers

Absolutely vital read for any retailer who is trying to use Facebook. This post contains excellent advice about why it’s not enough to just broadcast announcements on your page. Engagement is vital or your posts will not be seen. This is a must read.

Thumbnail: image of Facebook page with clothing shop display
Facebook Deemphasizing Twitter and Brands
Facebook is moving further and further away from an open and connected social world. Sure they got like buttons, and the open graph, but they are also moving ever closer to favoring Facebook and putting less emphasize on 3rd party services.

Ideas and examples of how to let your customers use their Facebook identity on line

Learn some of the ways in which retailers are already using Facebook connect features on their sites. Lots of examples, although this article advises against using Facebook for checkout login at the moment.

Thumbnail image showing Levis jeansFacebook Connect for Ecommerce: Is It Right For Your Business? « Get Elastic Ecommerce Blog
If you’re one of Facebook’s 500 million users, you’ve likely encountered a Facebook Connect invitation in your travels through the Interweb. According to Facebook, 30% of its users actively engage with third party websites through Facebook Connect each month.

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