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Quick Reads: Social Media, Google Analytics and Persuasive Copywriting

by Tim Leighton-Boyce

Screenshot of CxFocus Facebook PageDo you struggle to keep up to date? I spend at least half my working hours trying to keep my eye on the latest developments in ecommerce. When I come across something interesting I usually mention it on Twitter. You can see my Twitter feed in the right column of the CxFocus blog.

But 140 characters can be just a bit too short for me. So I’m also experimenting with posting items on the CxFocus Facebook Page, because that allows a bit more space and includes different media. It’s also great for discussion of course!

Below is a summary of what I posted last week. The main themes were: the language of persuasion (or the opposite!), social marketing and Google Analytics.

What attracts consumers to take part in social media campaigns?

This post is worth reading for the comment from someone working at Nokia — if you’re using Facebook well and have the right kind of approach you don’t need to get involved with offering prizes or fussing with terms and conditions. Good content rules, yet again — and that applies when the content is from visitors too.

Econsultancy logo
What attracts consumers to take part in social media campaigns?
I’ve been asked a few times recently how social media users behave over different channels, and I thought it was worth jotting down some notes on what to expect if you’re running a campaign that includes user-generated content.

Make your instructions clear and your help helpful with these great tips

Micro copy (those instructions and pop-ups on forms) and error messages are one of the things which can make a site easy to use or a complete pain. This article contains lots of great examples. And it’s fun to read too. How rare is that in our working lives? As a bonus, here’s a link to a Flickr Group devoted to the same subject full of screenshots of good and bad examples:

ideas word cloud
24 ways: The Construction of Instruction
The advent calendar for web geeks. Each day throughout December we publish a daily dose of web design and development goodness to bring you all a little Christmas cheer.

Sell more with more persuasive language – tips from a top copy-writer

Find out how you can improve the sales from your site with just a few quick changes to the wording of key pages.

Mel Henson portrait from
Copywriting tips from Mel Henson > Smart Insights Digital Marketing
I met Mel Henson at last year’s ECMOD conference where we discussed the pleasure and pain of book writing. She was hard at work on a new book on copywriting

How not to do it: example of wordy overlay on landing page

This overlay appeared after I had clicked through from an advert on Facebook. “VIP Specials!” sounds good, but there’s way too much text.

Screen Grab showing overlay asking people not to click paid links

Screen Grabs

CxFocus There’s a video showing what happened here:

Learn GA Best-practice with external Google Analytics audits from L3

Any retailer who wants a quick insight into the kind of thing they could and should be doing with Google Analytics should follow this series of audit reports from L3 Analytics. In fact, I think they’ll do one on your site for free if you ask!

Screenshot of Whistles site from L3 Analytics

Whistles GA Flash Audit | Web analytics consultancy and expert Google analytics | L3 Analytics
by Peter O’Neill on May 10, 2011 in GA Flash Audit

CxFocus I’ve just realise that it would be better to give a link to the list of all the audits. It also includes an introduction:

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