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Brand Keywords for Search

Brand keywords are the search terms people use when they already know about your company and are using Google (or another search engine) as a quick and easy way of reaching your site. That’s a process sometimes described as ‘navigational search’.

It’s important to be able to understand how these keywords differ from non-brand or ‘generic’ keywords.

These articles contain information to help you.

This article provides a useful introduction to the subject:

How to Start Working with Brand Keywords in Google Analytics

How Multi-channel Funnels Give You More Insight Than Ever Before

by Tim Leighton-Boyce
Thumbnail image for How Multi-channel Funnels Give You More Insight Than Ever Before

Updated: March 2012 Multi-channel Funnel Reports in Google Analytics bring us a whole new depth of understanding to how people come to web sites over the course of several visits. Now we can see how some channels are more valuable than we thought up to now. They’re helping make sales which are being credited to […]

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How to start working with brand keywords in Google Analytics

by Tim Leighton-Boyce

Separating your ‘Brand’ searches from ‘Generic’ searches will help you measure and improve your customer acquisition and retention programs. Consistency is important here if you are to make and track changes over time. So this article explains the starting point for using this information in a systematic way in Google Analytics. As a bonus, the […]

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