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You Must Do Your Own Tests and Analysis

The information on this site is based on many years work across many sites and several different retail and publishing channels. But these experiences and opinions are personal and apply directly only to the sites I have worked on. The comments from other users are their opinions and I have no way of judging the authority with which they make those comments.

My years of experience in this field have taught me that nothing can be assumed:

  • What happens on one site may not happen on another
  • What worked at one time may no longer work a few months later
  • The more I study, the more conflicting evidence I see
  • The more I learn, the less I ‘know’

It is vital that you do not treat the content of this site as specific instructions which would be directly applicable to your own work. Each site is different. You must do your own analysis, do your own tests and reach your own conclusions. Do not take anything for granted.

The copyright in all the material on this site belongs to Tim Leighton-Boyce unless otherwise attributed.

Please feel free to link to it or cite it using the normal web conventions.

Please do not copy large extracts for use elsewhere or in other forms without explicit permission to do so.

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