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How to pick your top three pages and optimize for organic search

by Tim Leighton-Boyce

Working out what to actually ‘do’ with Google Analytics is hard. We all need help deciding which aspects of our sites to work on and which GA reports to use to do it.

That’s why I’m so keen on step by step instructions on how to use Google Analytics to narrow in on the most important work. It isn’t just a matter of choosing the reports, it’s a whole business process. You use the reports to prioritize the work and decide on the actions to take.

I’ve just seen a really good example on the Future Now blog. Brendan Regan explains how to:

Screenshot: Futur Now - How to optimize landing page for scent

  • use the traffic reports and one of the built-in default segments to
  • identify
  • and then isolate your key organic search of traffic
  • then use the landing page report to find the top 3 pages from that source
  • then report on the entrance keywords bringing those visitors to those pages

Brendan then teaches you to make a list of those three top pages and the top three keywords for each. Then go to the pages and study them to see how well they would work for someone seeing the page for the first time having searched for the keywords.

The article includes examples of the kind of thing you should be checking on if you want to make improvements.

The whole point is to preserve the ‘scent’ of the original search. Whatever it was that the visitor was searching for needs to be prominent on the first page they see on your site. As the article points out, you can’t optimize the scent for every keyword that ever brings people to your site — that’s why you need this process to select the keyword/page combinations which deserve attention.

It’s a great article.
Read it here:

[And if you like this stuff, here’s another example of a GA How-to from this site: Simple way to spot landing pages and keywords to fix]

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